I think my first camera was actually a stocking stuffer. I remember riding my bike to the drugstore to buy more 110 film for it, and I never had enough, because I took pictures of everything that caught my eye. I also remember that nobody appreciated my work much.

Several years later, I learned that I had absolutely horrible vision, and I began to wear very, very thick glasses. Suddenly, there was much more to the world than just colorful blurs! I was transfixed by details, expressions, and textures, and my photography changed for good.

I am still filled with wonder by the world around me! Photography is the net which lets me capture those moments, moods, and memories and pin them down for everyone to appreciate. I absolutely love the challenge of freezing a fleeting emotion in a frame. (And by the way, if you were wondering, I see 20/15 with my contacts.)

But enough about me. I'd love to know who you are! Do my travel photographs transport you to mysterious places? Are you trying to plan a wedding that you will never forget? Do you want a visual reminder of the people who are special to you?

Photography is my business. But it's a service industry, which means it's all about helping people. And that's what makes this job so much fun! Most photographers have a few tricks to get people to smile. Here's my favorite method: to deliver timeless images, great customer service, and to treat people the way I want to be treated.

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